Bicyle touring around Italian and Swiss Lakes: Lake Maggiore, Lugano.

Open spaces, lots of grenery: the roads around Lake Maggiore and Lake Lugano are an ideal land for keeping phisical distancing and cycling.

bicyle touring Italian Lakes

At LNIBT we’re building a community of people who loves bicycle touring : hotel owners, cyclists, bike shops, etc.

We are based in Varese and Colmegna on Lake Maggiore.
When you book our rides with us expect small groups and the quietest roads. Stay in our hotels and be safe in the knowledge that we’ve scheduled your ride for the time of year you booked.

Our bases gives you easy access to our major lakes (Lake Maggiore, Lugano, Varese) and the climbs around.
We’re always on the road finding the next hidden gems and the undiscovered roads.
We offer rides for cyclists of all abilities and inclinations, including for groups and businesses, whether you love climbing, or you simply love riding your bike.

Read Cycling resources to get the most out of your experience in the Swiss and Italian Lake District.

Why we love bicycle touring experience.

The world is changing and more and more people are learning about the joy and wonder of bicycle travel.
There is a new generation of people emerging who value their time and experiences more than they value the endless quest for money and social standing.
Many of these people are looking for incredible new ways of experiencing the world, and many of them are discovering the countless benefits of bicycle touring.

There are so many wonderful reasons to go bicycle touring:

  1. it doesn't matter how many kilometers you choose to cycle each day,
  2. you can old or young, you can be rich or poor,
  3. almost anyone can travel by bicycle. You can meet all kinds of people out on the road,
  4. some riding alone, some riding with their buddies, some riding with their families,
  5. every one of them expresses the happiness they feel while riding a bike.

Cycling is a silent sport. The reward comes in the form of hard-won view and moments of connection with nature.

A way to get rid of the stresses, to set yourself a physical and mental challenge, to meet people and have ton of fun.

Have fantastic rides around Italian and Swiss Lakes and we look forward to helping you make your bicycle touring dreams come true!

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