Cycling guide Varese

If you are looking for one-day bike tour around Varese, get in touch with me. I know the the roads like the back of my hand.

Cycling guide Varese

If someone were to hire me, my name is GPS Varese!
That’s pretty cool. With me you’re never going to get lost, you always know where you are.
If you’re looking for some amazing routes and climbs in the area, get in touch.

Because of that I created several years ago. It isn't a responsive website, you can see it on your desktop only. There you can find routes regarding mountain bikes, road bikes and trekking around the province of Varese. Then was born Lakes Northern italy Bike Tours with its section Cycling Resources.

Both GPSvarese and Lakes Northern Italy Bike Tours exist to make your passion for cycling in new places a safer and more convenient experience.

  1. I make it easy to do what you love without all the hassles of spending hours searching for safe cycling routes. You know, when you’re a cyclist and you’re in a new place, it’s tough to find places and the roads to ride without the fear of getting lost.
  2. I have extensive knowledge of the area and will only take you to the best places and appropriate riding roads. You will avoid the stresses of navigation and planning the route, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the ride.
  3. I'm here to help make your cycling holiday planning process that little bit easier. I will gives you maps, recommendations on cool places and much more.

Where to ride your bike around Varese

  1. I have put in writing the main charateristics of 15 road bike routes that start from Varese (Eco Bike Hotel Ungheria in Varese is one of our two bases),
  2. I have ordered them from easier one to the harder one,
  3. I can suggest 8 routes, if you love the climbs,
  4. I have drawn each route on Google MyMaps, I have linked it with a legend in such a way you can select it and study it,
  5. I have drawn all the routes on a PDF street map, so you can upload it onto your smartphone.

Anyway let me know what you have in mind (distance, speed, climbing), which kind of ride you love do, where you'd like to get to, at what time I can meet-up and how many people you are. You decide the level of riding, so I can arrage everything around that.

Get in touch:

Lakes Northern Italy Bike Tours is based in:

  • Varese at Eco Bike Hotel Ungheria - Viale Borri 98 - 21100 Varese VA
  • Colmegna (on Lake Maggiore) at Camin Hotel Colmegna - Via Palazzi 1 - 21016 Luino VA

How to get to Varese

Varese is a hillside town located in Lombardy, close to Piedmont and to Switzerland, at the foothills of the Swiss and Italian Pre-Alps, a 40-minute ride from Milan Malpensa airport.
Varese is accessed from the North via the Gotthard Pass or via Simplon Pass througt the Swiss Alps. From the South via Milan or Bergamo. It's also well-integrated into the Swiss rail network and into the Italian rail network. There’s Milan Malpensa Airport, Milano Linate Airport, Milan Bergamo Airport and a small airport in Lugano with flights from Geneva and Zurich.
Learn more:How to get to Varese.

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