More than 100 kms of cycle paths for connecting the lakes around Varese

The cycle pathes network connects Lake Varese, Lake Maggiore, Lake Lugano and the the other smaller lakes (Lake Comabbio, Lake Ghirla and Lake Ganna). The cycle paths are flat and reserved for walkers, for roller bladers as well as for cyclists. Occasional uphill sections, which are never demanding, make the cycle routes accessible even to less fit or experienced riders.

Here's the map: cycle paths mapa quick overview of the road bike routes.

Cycle path Lake Varese

Along the cycle path of Lake Varese you can visit the ice-houses of Cazzago Brabbia. They are still perfectly preserved. These curious circular eighteenth-century buildings were used to store winter ice so that the low temperatures required to preserve fish caught in the lake were maintained inside all year round.

You will tackle a wooden bridge which for around 500 metres offers the thrill of riding suspended above the Lake Comabbio and you will pass through several tunnels of the former tramway close to Ponte Tresa.

The former tramway turns into cycle path

The former tramway which, in the first half of the 20th century connected Varese with Ponte Tresa on Lake Lugano, now lends a few kilometres of its route to the cycle path.

In the late 19th Century and early 20th Century the hinterland of the city of Varese enjoyed a boom time, becoming a countryside retreat for the wealthy Milanese upper-middle-class, who wanted holiday on the slopes of the Sacro Monte and Monte Campo dei Fiori. It also became a favoutite haunt of numerous visitors from UK, USA, Germany.
In those days Varese was an attractive area in the Prealps.
To encourage and make the most of this popularity with tourists, the area was equiped with a cutting-edge tram network that connected Varese to the all surrounding town as Luino, Angera, Ponte Tresa, Viggiù.
In 1895 the tram line was opened.
The company running the tram line closed in 1953.

No traffic absolutely on the these cycle routes during your cycling holiday

  • Cycle path Valle Olona from Castiglione Olona to Castellanza - along Olona River
  • Cycle path around Lake Varese
  • Cycle path around Lake Comabbio
  • Cycle path between Lake Varese to Lake Comabbio
  • Cycle path Alto Ticino from La Maddalena to Nosate - along Ticino River
  • Cycle path Valganna Valmarchirolo Ponte Tresa
  • Cycle path Ghirla Valganna Valcuvia
  • Cycle path Luino Valtravaglia Valcuvia - along Margorabbia River
  • Cycle path Laveno Cittiglio

Cycle routes in Province of Varese

The Province di Varese is the area that lies between the Lake Maggiore and the Lake Lugano, The most helpful site is which has lots of information about itineraries with Google maps. It provides a quick overview of the road bike routes, cycleways and mountainbike itineraries. The site has obviously been put together by people who are cyclists themselves.

Tourist attractions around Varese, Lake Maggiore, Lake Lugano

To help you make the most of your stay close to Northern Italian Lakes we have put together a guide, packed full of information about all the tourist attractions to see during your cycling holiday.

Cycle path Varese
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