You can ride your bike in Italian Lake District if you are alone

Starting on Monday 4th May 2020 the lockdown restrictions are considerably eased in Italy.
You are allowed to walk, to run, to ride
if you wear a mask (you don't have to wear it if you are alone) and you keep your distance (at least 2 meters distance if you ride your bike).

Responsible cycling experience Italian Lake District

Many of us enjoy gathering with our local community. But for now we have to say farewell to all group rides and accept the necessary phisical distancing. We can support our community the most by not meeting them in person right now.
If you ride alone you can use the time to rediscover your surroundings, you have the opportunity to explore the map and look for the lesser-known spots. So you can still discover some hidden gems around Italian Lake District.

What a responsible cycling experience means now

In the current situation, we all need to act responsibly to protect ourselves and others.
We’ve put together the most important aspects of getting a responsible cycling experience in Italian Lake District.

  1. Don’t push your limits. Let's attention during the rides. You must avoid putting an additional strain on healthcare systems by suffering an accident while cycling. Let’s take things a little easier for now.
  2. Avoid crowded places. It might be difficult to keep at least 2 meters distance.
  3. Listen to the local authorities. The situation varies regionally and is constantly changing. So above all, always follow local government and health officials’ recommendations and respect the restrictions put in place.
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