Where to ride your bike in Swiss Italian Lakes

We’ve collected our usual bike rides around Lake Maggiore, Varese, Lugano, Como to help you easily experience the best of the Swiss Italian Lake District.
You can see where are the best roads and the best climbs in the area to help get you started with your planning for your cycling holiday.

ride your bike in Swiss Italian Lakes

We’ve gathered together our favourite cycle routes, whether you’re looking for a gentle ride with kids or a challenging climb.

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Have a look at below.

1. Climbs

Map and list of Strava Climbing Segments
These cycling climbs are all on 100% surfaced roads and they are of different lengths and levels of difficulty. Huge variety of training climbs.

Top 10 toughest climbs close to Lake Maggiore and Lake Lugano.
Take a look at the charts and the links on Strava.

2. Road cycling routes

When cycling in the Swiss-Italian Lake District you can ride flat lakeside routes along banks of ten lakes of different sizes, undulating hilly routes among the small towns and woods or climb up into the mountains to really test your legs. There’s a little bit of everything.
The most equipped, enjoyable and flexible road cycling area in Italy (1,600 km – 1,000 mi).

Swiss Italian Lakes ride your bike

3. Gran Fondo Tre Valli Varesine

The route is winding, among the Lake Lugano, Lake Maggiore and Lake Varese and you have to to tackle several climbs: Alpe Tedesco, Ardena, Montegrino, Villaggio Olandese, Brinzio and Casbeno. You have to tackle six climbs in the long race course (Gran Fondo) and four climbs in the shorter race course (Medio Fondo).
Gran Fondo Tre Valli Varesine race course map, route description.

4. Bike rides in Switzerland

SwitzerlandMobility is a route planner for your rides in Switzerland. The routes are subdivided into international, national, regional and local categories.

5. Cycle paths around Varese

A cycle paths network connects Lake Varese, Lake Maggiore, Lake Lugano and the the other smaller lakes: Lake Comabbio, Lake Ghirla and Lake Ganna. More the 100km - 63mi of flat cycle paths. They are good for cyclists less fit or experienced.

cycling guide

Ride like a local with a cycling tour guide around Lake Maggiore, Lugano, Varese without spending hours searching for safe and nice cycling routes.
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How to get here

The area is accessed from the North via the Gotthard Pass or via Simplon Pass througt the Swiss Alps. From the South via Milan or Bergamo. It's also well-integrated into the Swiss rail network and into the Italian rail network. There’s Milan Malpensa Airport, Milano Linate Airport, Milan Bergamo Airport and a small airport in Lugano with flights from Geneva and Zurich.
How to get here

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