Cycling tour guide Lake Maggiore, Lugano, Varese

If you are looking for one-day bike trip with a local guide around Lake Maggiore, Lugano, Varese get in touch with us, so we can be your cycling partner.
We can help you to make your road cycling experience smooth, easy, and adventurous.

Cycle tour guide Lake Maggiore

The lakeside towns of Ascona, Locarno, Luino, Laveno, Intra on Lake Maggiore and the lakside villages of Ponte Tresa, Morcote, Porto Ceresio on Lake Lugano are on our routes, as well as the typical villages of Brinzio, Bedero, Gavirate around Varese. With intimate knowledge of the landscape, we can suggest the best rides to match any riding ability.  We are local bike guides with excellent knowledge of the Swiss and Italian Lake District.

We make your passion for cycling in new places a safer, more convenient experience.
We make it easy to do what you love without all the hassles of spending hours searching for safe cycling routes.
This way, you will be led to the best local roads and enjoy top climbs without having to do the research yourselves. We have extensive knowledge of the area and will only take you to the best places and appropriate riding roads.

Cycle tour guide Lake Lugano

You can learn more by reading through the five points below:

  1. How to expect along the rides,
  2. How the cycling experience works,,
  3. Where we are based, (Varese and Colmegna on Lake maggiore),
  4. Cycling resources to do a cyclist's life easier,
  5. Riding and tourist attractions: an useful guide.

1. What to expect along the rides

Take on lots of ups and downs, hills, cols and densely wooded, routes including those hidden lanes and special discoveries you will not find on a map, at times through tiny and secluded villages, some with cobblestones paths, others with roads wide enough for one car only.
Riding on the lake shore, under the shadow of wooded hill or on the top of steep mountains. Every day you can discover new routes. 1,600 km of roads and several climbs. We have tour 'suggestions' and are willing to customize them just for you.

We know the the roads like the back of our hand. We have vast experience as cyclists and know innumerable routes of varying distances and amount of climbing. We have a particular skill of being able to pleasantly ride with cyclists of all levels.
We do the navigation so you can relax and enjoy the ride. No need to look at a map for directions. Let us show you the Swiss and Italian Lake District from a local's point of view.

You know, when you’re a cyclist and you’re in a new place, it’s tough to find places and the roads to ride without the fear of getting lost.

90% of the traffic is on the main roads, once you turn off you can go hours without encountering another vehicle.
Only a few minutes out of the front door and you can be at the foot of 5-10 kilometre climbs.
You will discover the most beautiful routes and landscapes in our area, but also the hidden gems and our historical attractions.

You can experience as a local the Lake District among Lombardy (Italy), Piedmont (Italy) and Canton of Ticino (Italian speaking part of Switzerland). Take a look at our Road cycling routes.

Cycle tour guide Lake Varese

2. How the cycling experience works

Let's know what you have in mind (distance, speed, climbing), which kind of ride you love do, where you'd like to get to, at what time we can meet-up and how many people you are. You decide the level of riding, so we can arrage everything around that.
Contact us:

We are able to build a route that satisfies your climbing and distance needs. We will do our best to create a route that’s suitable for your fitness and ability, without compromising on the quality and entertainment of the ride.
If you are in need of a rental, let us know your requirements and we'll provide some bike options.

3. Where we are based

We are based in:

  • Varese at Eco Bike Hotel Ungheria - Viale Borri 98 - 21100 Varese VA
  • Colmegna (on Lake Maggiore) at Camin Hotel Colmegna - Via Palazzi 1 - 21016 Luino VA

Contact us:

4. Cycling resources to do a cyclist's life easier

Read on for getting the most out of the cycling experience. Cycling resources.

5. Riding and tourist attractions: an useful guide

Last but not least, you also can enjoy the tourist attractions around Italian and Swiss lakes. For example, visits to museums, to historical monuments and to tourist attractions. To help you make the most of your stay here we have put together a guide, packed full of information about all the tourist attractions to see during your cycling experience.

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