Maps regarding Lake Maggiore, Como, Lugano, Varese and database of Europe's climbs

Many cyclists ask us about tips and advices on cycle routes and maps regarding Lake Maggiore, Lake Varese, Lake Lugano, Lake Como.
We can suggest two maps: a digital map you can easily print, a paper map and a data base of Europe's climbs . These are pretty usefull info if you want to arrage your cycle routes or your cycling holiday across Northern Italy's Lake District.

Lake Maggiore Borromean Islands cycling holiday

A digital map: Lake Maggiore, Lake Varese, Lake Lugano, Lake Como

Here's a detailed digital map: MAP SWISS TOPO

Click on (+) map larger, or on (-) map smaller at the top right corner of the screen.
Look at the top left corner of the screen, you can print the area you want on:

  • A4 paper size or A3 paper size,
  • scale from 1:500 to 1:2,500,000.

You can understand the altitude of the roads and of the routes. is a portal provided by the Federal Authorities of the Swiss Confederation.

A paper map regarding the Province of Varese

Trail Map – Via Verde Varesina – Trekking in Province of Varese, Scale 1:35.000 is another well done map.
That's a paper map which you can find at the local tourist information offices on arrival or here in hotel. In particular the map shows both the trails for trekking and the roads for road cycling in the Norhern area of Province of Varese : among the Lake Maggiore, Lake Varese and Lake Lugano.

The two maps are very detailed and precisus so you can discover the hidden cycle routes and itineraries in our cycling area in Northern Italy's Lake District.

A Data base of Europe's climbs for your cycle routes

For those more interested in climbing we can suggest an usuful website: ARCHIVE OF EUROPE'S CLIMBS
You can write the name of the climb or the village where the climb starts.
The website provide info like kilometres, elevation gain, gradients and a drawing of the climb.

Lear more details about The top 10 road cycling climbs close to Lake Maggiore and Lake Lugano

Your own cycling holiday across Northern Italian Lakes can begin.

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