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Lake Lugano cycling experience

This is a great opportunity to get a 30 min group transfer service from Varese to Lake Lugano and to ride around the lake without the worry of riding on your own.

Fly in to Milan Malpensa Airport and reach Varese in a 43-minute train ride every hour (no change). How to Get Here
Cycling along safe routes that follow lakeside roads, flat cycle lanes, back roads, climbs and hidden passageways around Lake Lugano.

You can stay at our hotel in Varese where we are based.
Are possible both round-trip service transfer and one-way service transfer.

We generally meet at the bikes around 8.00 for the group transfer from Varese to Lake Lugano.
The roads and the climbs around Lake Lugano offer you the opportunity to extend or shorten the ride depending on their fitness level. We generally bring our own food and decide to stop for having lunch on the way.

Daily group bike tour on Lake Lugano

The loop of the Southern part of Lake Lugano is a 50 km flat ride (via Porto Ceresio, Ponte Tresa, Agno, Morcote, Melide, Riva San Vitale).
Thanks to the vastness and diversity of the region, you will easily ride along the banks of the lake, or you will toil to climb the valleys.

The roads away from the water are packed with cyclists enjoying demanding climbs and scenic views.
There are a few loops you can ride.
If you love climbing, take a look at Map.

We have to different options everyday.
Our group tour or private tour is for everybody.
We are willing to provide you with rides that meets all your needs.
These are flexible rides offering riders the opportunity to extend or shorten the ride depending on your fitness level.

What's Lake Lugano like

Lake Lugano is a glacial lake at the southernmost tip of Tessin the holiday region at the southern end of the Alps between Switzerland and Italy. The lake has many different branches and is surrounded by mountains.

When you ride your bike around Lake Lugano you can see what makes this region an enjoyable destination for the cyclists. Undulating road lead through vineyards, valleys and nice cycle paths.

Explore Lake Lugano's local wonders with us by bike! There's Morcote, Carona, Collina d'Oro, Ardena, Sighignola, Lanzo d'Intelvi, Monte Generoso, Monte Bar, Monte Brè, Malcantone, Porlezza and many more natural wonders to see on two wheels.

Join us for one of our daily tours, you will be impressed by the lake's surrounding nature, its several panoramic viewpoints and all the great outdoors has to offer.

2024 Lake Lugano daily group tour prices per person

If you are a group of two people
Double room

€ 255.00

If you are a group of four people
Double room

€ 220.00

If you are a group of six people
Double room

€ 210.00

If you are a group up to eight people
Double room

€ 205.00

Single room supplement
€ 80.00

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End location:
8 guests

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Lake Lugano daily group bike tour

Please e-mail us to request a personalized daily group tour around Lake Lugano.

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Day 1: check in.
Day 2: breakfast, day of cycling, packed lunch, post ride lunch.
Day 3: breakfast and check out.

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Included services in bike tour:

  • 2 nights in double room
  • 2 high-calorie continental breakfasts
  • 1 packed lunch, strengthened and protein content snack with bananas and sandwiches
  • 1 post ride lunch when you go back to the hotel
  • Double occupancy as standard
  • Round-trip transfer Varese - Lake Lugano
  • A skilled bike guide
  • Maps and information material
  • The digital map of the routes drawn by us, so you can look at it on smartphone dispaly
  • Workstand tool bench for basic maintenance
  • Isotonic drinks or water for your ride
  • Washing and cleaning area for bikes
  • Daily laundry service for your cycle clothing
  • Bicycle recovery assistance in case of breakdown
  • Free Internet Wi-Fi

Not included:

  • Bike hire
  • Travel insurance
  • Medical and physiotherapy services
  • Transfer to and from Airport
  • Entrance fees Castles, Villas, Museums
  • Any extra-beverage and other extras at dinner

Lake Lugano daily group tour
Details / Daily Routes


We generally meet at the bikes around 8.00 for a 8.30 ride start. Then there is a 30 min group transfer service from Varese to Lake Lugano. The natural setting of Lake Lugano offers a variety of climbs and a network of roads, perfect for distance rides.
We go back to the hotel in the afternoon at 14.00/15.00, where you can enjoy a post ride lunch. The rest of the day is relax time.

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Lake Lugano loop - easy

Main route: distance 50 km – 31 mi; elevation 550 m – 1,800 ft

This ride is essentially flat following the lakeside roads and cycle paths through Porto Ceresio, Brusimpiano, Lavena, Ponte Tresa. For a short time you can then leave the lake and cut across Caslano on back roads. You can carry on your route through Agno, Morcote, Melide, Bissone, Capolago, Riva San Vitale and Brusino.
On the the shores of Lake Lugano lies Morcote at the foot Monte Arbostora: one of the most beautiful village of Switzerland. With its characteristic small alleys, the arcades of old patrician homes, valuable architectural monuments and its natural beauty, Morcote is considered the pearl of the lake. Of particular architectural interest, is the church of Santa Maria del Sasso, the terraced cemetery and the Tower of the Captain.

Lake Lugano loop – Collina d'Oro – Monte Arbostora - Morcote

Main route: distance 72 km - 45 mi; elevation 1,330 m – 4,360 ft
Major climbs: Collina d'Oro climb (4.2 km - 2.6 mi, avg.5%) and Morcote-Carona climb (5.4 km - 3.4 mi, avg.7%)

The route is the same of the previous one - Lake Lugano loop easy – but, in the middle of the ride, you have to takle two climbs: Collina d'Oro climb (4,2 km , avg.5%) and Morcote-Carona climb (5,4 km - , avg.7%) on the slopes of Monte Arbostora.
The climb between Morcote and Carona offers a constant incentive to stop and enjoy an amazing panorama.
Morcote, named the most beautiful village in Switzerland in 2016, and Carona are two of the favourite destinations for the local cyclists.

Sighignola – The Italian panoramic balcony overlooking Lugano

Main route: distance 75 km – 47 mi – elevation 1,730 m – 4,495 ft
Major climbs: Sighignola climb (25 km - 16 mi, avg.4%, max. 9%); extra climb: Monte Brè climb (7 km - 4.3 mi, avg.7)

This route takes you to the top of the Sighignola mountain (1,320 m. a.s.l.). The first part of the ride is essentially flat and only short ups and down while passing through Melide, Lugano, Gandria, Porlezza.
Pay attention: No enter into the last tunnel before Porlezza, but head to Porlezza through the cycle path on the right side.
In Osteno the climb starts: 25 km climb, avg.4%, max. 9%. Then you can reach Lake Lugano again via Arogno.
the view from the top of Monte Sighignola which was not called the balcony of Italy without reason.
In Lugano you also can tackle the Monte Brè climb (7 km extra, avg.7%), so you can see a panoramic view over Lugano.

Other rides around Lake Lugano

You can use “Lake Lugano loop” to put it together with other routes and add in a few small climbs around the lake if you seek extra kilometres.
Below some examples.


Malcantone Region - easy

Extra route: distance 14 km – 8.7 mi; elevation 300 m – 985 ft
Major climbs: Vernate climb (4 km – 2.4 mi, avg.6%)

It passes through vineyard of Malcantone Region.
From Caslano the route leads up towards Vernate. Then the route is easy and without other climbs. Both the climb and descend are scenic roads over the plain and the lake.
The route passes through the village of Vernate, Bioggio, Agno.

Malcantone Region - long

Extra route: distance 51 km – 31.6 mi; elevation 1,200 m – 3,940 ft
Major climbs: Vernate climb (4 km – 2.4 mi, avg.6%) and Aranno climb (6 km – 3.7 mi, avg.4%)

It passes through characteristic villages of Malcantone Region along roads that wind through the woods and up and down hills. Malcantone is a land of chestnut groves.
From Caslano the route leads up towards Monte Lema. You have to tackle two longer climbs at the start: Vernate climb and Aranno climb. Then the route is very undulating in the heart of the Malcantone.
The route passes through the village of Breno, Miglieglia, Banco, Astano, Sessa.

Maroggia – Arogno - Melano

Extra route: distance 14 km – 8.7 mi; elevation 340 m – 1,115 ft
Major climbs: Maroggia-Arogno (4 km – 2.4 mi, avg.7.5%) or climb Melano-Arogno (5 km – 3.1 mi, avg.6.5%)

It's a loop among the villages of Maroggia – Arogno – Melano on the East side of Lake Lugano. You can climb up from Maroggia or from Melano. You can see a panoramic view over Lake Lugano

Valle di Muggio

Extra route: distance 44 km – 27 mi; elevation 780 m – 2,560 ft
Major climb: Valle di Muggio climb (25 km – 15 mi, avg.4%)

The name comes from the village of Muggio, which is the largest population centre in the valley.
Roncapiano is the highest village in the valley, where the roads end.
You can climb up from Mendrisio (on the South side of Lake Lugano) via Castel San Pietro or Morbio Superiore.
The characteristics of the valley are peace, quiet and beautiful scenery, it's a dead end road!

Lake Como - Valle Intelvi - Lake Lugano

Extra route: distance 65 km – 40 mi; elevation 1,100 m – 3,600 ft
Major climbs: Schignano climb (6 km – mi 3.7, avg.6%), Selve climb (3.4 km – mi 2.1, avg.6.2%), Pellio Intelvi climb (1.6 km – mi 1, avg.7%)

A 65km loop among cyclepaths, lakeside routes, hills and valleys and hairpin turns connecting Lake Como, Lake Lugano, Italy and Switzerland. Climbs, exhilarating descents, and astounding views, leaving you breathless in every sense of the word.
You start from Riva San Vitale on Lake Lugano to Southern direction along the vineyards of Castel San Pietro and Morbio. The first climb begins in Argegno on Lake Como, than the route goes up to Casasco d'Intevi via Cerano d'Intelvi.
If you fancy more climbs you can takle Erbonne climb (6.5km), Capanna bruno climb (5 km), Baita Orimento climb (6 km).
At last the route continues into a panoramic descent to Melano via Arogno.

Other climbs

Ardena climb (3 km – 1.8 mi, avg.6%) on the West side of Lake Lugano
Marzio climb (7 km – 4.3 mi, avg.7%) on the West side of Lake Lugano
Cademario climb (7 km – 4.3 mi, avg.7.3%) on the West side of Lake Lugano


If you would prefer your rides include more distance, less distance or different climbs then please contact us, we are willing to provide you with rides that meet all your needs.

Look at the page Road cycling routes Lake Lugano if you need info and inspiration.

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