Strava segments around Lake Maggiore, Lugano, Varese: map and list

Do you love the road cycling climbs?
Strava users have created and labelled numerous climbing segments on Strava in the Italian-Swiss Lake District. We've rounded up several of them in an effort to make a guide and convince people to consider cycling and exploring here on two wheels during their stay.

When you think of cycling destinations, the Italian-Swiss Lake District might not necessarily be at the top of your list, so we created a map to help you plan your own rides, routes and adventures around Lake Maggiore, Lugano and Varese.
We encourage you to come here to see how nice it is.

Strava segments in the Swiss-Italian Lakes

The map of climbing segments

The the map shows the location of the climbs around the Italian and Swiss Lakes (Lake Maggiore, Lugano, Varese). Click on the markers for a pop up with the name of the climb and a link on Strava to more info. Their names are in native language. Sometimes a climbing segment covers a part of the climb or covers two consecutive climbs. Enjoy the route planning.

The list of climbing segments

Their names are in native language.

  1. Mergoscia

  2. Monte Bre/Cardada Climb

  3. Gordola – Sonogno

  4. Monti Motti

  5. OSG-SassoCorbaro (bivio Artore)

  6. Castello Sasso Corbaro da Via Daro

  7. Giubiasco Alpe Giumello

  8. Alpe Gesero

  9. Gorduno - Monti di Bedretto

  10. Bignasco - Lake Naret

  11. Centovalli (Intragna – Malesco)

  12. Malesco climb

  13. Cannero colle

  14. Cannobina

  15. Lembregogno Climb

  16. Porto Ronco - Bellavista

  17. Segletta

  18. Piancavallo

  19. Monterosso

  20. Alpe di Neggia North

  21. Maccagno to Alpe di Neggia

  22. Maccagno - Passo Forcora

  23. Armio – Forcora

  24. Colmegnino

  25. Dumenza - Agra paese

  26. Passo del Cuvignone da Cittiglio

  27. Cuvignone da Nasca

  28. Sant'Antonio – Cuvignone

  29. Arcumeggia

  30. San Michele dalla Valcuvia

  31. San Michele da Sant'Antonio

  32. San Michele da Mesenzana

  33. San Martino al culmine

  34. Bedero - Roggiano climb

  35. Villaggio Olandese (da Germignaga)

  36. Passo del Sette Termini - da Grantola

  37. Sette Termini - da Cugliate Fabiasco

  38. Brinzio dalla Valcuvia

  39. Mondonico

  40. Salita Mondonico

  41. Cuasso al Piano - Alpe Tedesco

  42. Alpe Tedesco

  43. Ganna-Boarezzo(bivio villaggio TCI)

  44. Marzio

  45. Salita di Marzio da Ghirla

  46. Ardena - da Brusimpiano

  47. Marchirolo da Ponte Tresa

  48. Sacro Monte di Varese

  49. Campo dei Fiori (da bivio) Climb

  50. Sasso di Gavirate - da Gavirate

  51. Strappo provinciale del Cerro

  52. Meride – Serpiano

  53. Arzo - Serpiano (top of the hill)

  54. Arogno - Maroggia downhill

  55. Melano – Arogno

  56. Maroggia-Sighignola

  57. Melano-balcone d'italia

  58. Lanzo – Sighignola

  59. Morcote - Carona

  60. Bré - Vetta Completo

  61. Tesserete-Cap.Monte Bar

  62. Bioggio – Cademario

  63. Bioggio-Aranno

  64. The Great Wall of Arosio

  65. Cassina d'Agno Vernate

  66. Neggio - Iseo

  67. Magliaso Careggio

  68. Monte Lema - Moschitos

  69. Monte Generoso (da rotonda)

  70. Giro Valle di Muggio

  71. Sessa – Astano

  72. Mottarone da Armeno

  73. Gignese – Armeno

  74. Mottarone da Baveno via Levo

  75. Isella-Cicogna Top!

  76. Via Ompio Climb

  77. Miazzina - Cappella Fina

  78. Cambiasca - Miazzina

  79. Madonna del Ghisallo climb

  80. Muro di Sormano

  81. Colma di Sormano from Nesso

  82. Colma di Sormano from Asso

  83. Palanzo climb

  84. Bisbino climb

  85. San Fedele D'Intelvi from Argegno

  86. San Fedele D'Intelvi from Claino

  87. San Fedele d'Intevi - Pigra

  88. Alpe di Colonno from Pigra

  89. Schignano climb

  90. Selve - San Rocco

  91. Osteno-San Fedele-Sighignola

  92. Vetta Sighignola via Verna

  93. Argegno to San Fedele

  94. Ponna Superiore climb

  95. Argegno parcheggio Sighignola

  96. Passo Agueglio from Varenna

  97. Passo Agueglio from Parlasco

  98. Dervio - Tremerico

  99. Tremenico Legnoncino

  100. Val Rezzo from Carlazzo

  101. Passo della Clava Climb

  102. Gera to Montalto

  103. Cadepiano - Agra

  104. Viglio-Agra

  105. Paradiso - Baslona

Road cycling climbs by locals

You can see road cycling climbs by locals, so you can get the most if you are coming here to explore the mountains, hills, valleys and lakes by road bike. You've probably never heard of them, but once ridden will never forget! As you will learn during your rides, there is very little in the Lake District that is flat.

There is so much here for cyclists in the surrounding roads Lake Maggiore, Lugano, Varese both in Swiss area and in Italian area. Little known roads, huge vistas and challenging climbs. With riders using Strava, there are several climbing segments on which to test your level of fitness.

There is a climb above Locarno you’ve probably never heard of it: Lake Naret climb . Hidden in the Swiss part of the Alps, this tough, quiet, long climb has several beautiful dams/lakes (31.2 km – 19.3 mi, avg. 6%, max. 14%, elevation 1,800 m - 5,900 ft).

What is Strava?

Strava has emerged as the most popular platform to catalog rides. The “social network for athletes”. You may have heard your other running or cycling friends talking about taking segments or tracking their training on the platform. Strava’s service allows millions of cyclists to connect with each other, with the facility to comment on each others’ rides.

One of the most attractive aspects to the more competitive rider of Strava’s service is the use of ‘climbing segments’. These user- generated sections of a route are used to create a leaderboard of the fastest riders, with a King of the Mountain (KOM) or Queen of the Mountain (QOM) crown symbol awarded to those with the fastest times.

You also can take a closer look at the climbs you will face.

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